Saturday, December 17, 2016

Kennedy 6 Months


Diet: Nurses about every 3 hours during the day, plan to start BLW(baby led weaning) soon. Been waiting for her to be a little stronger at sitting up, but she can now almost sit by herself and can easily sit in the high chair without leaning forward so I think she's about ready for food!

Sleep: Goes to bed around 8 or 8:30, every once in a while we'll start bedtime around 7:30 if she is sleepy. She usually sleeps anywhere from 5-8 hours before waking to eat. Usually only wakes up twice at night and sleeps till 8ish most days. Usually naps between 2-3 hours after lunch(when Kaylin naps) and sometimes takes a cat nap in the ergo or her carseat in the morning or evening.

Mood: Super happy girl. LOVES to smile! She will smile at anyone who smiles or talks to her(unless she's super hungry or sleepy) strangers we see while out and about love it! Haha.

Activities: Loves to play on the floor, she still prefers being on her back but will play on her tummy for 20-30 minutes at times. We put her activity mat away because she was always rolling off it. She loves her bumbo! And now that she is getting stronger she likes to sit up inside the Boppy or in my lap, she still needs the slightest bit of support to sit but not much at all! Doesn't really like her jumper, she will tolerate it, but she definitely doesn't enjoy jumping like Kaylin did!

Clothes: Wearing almost all 9 month now, a few of the larger 6 month things still work but I've put most of the 6 month clothes away because they were summer clothes and not good for December! Still wearing size 2 diapers at night and while out and about and bum genius on the small setting while at home during the day. Thinking she may be close to needing the medium setting.

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