Saturday, December 17, 2016

Kennedy 6 Months


Diet: Nurses about every 3 hours during the day, plan to start BLW(baby led weaning) soon. Been waiting for her to be a little stronger at sitting up, but she can now almost sit by herself and can easily sit in the high chair without leaning forward so I think she's about ready for food!

Sleep: Goes to bed around 8 or 8:30, every once in a while we'll start bedtime around 7:30 if she is sleepy. She usually sleeps anywhere from 5-8 hours before waking to eat. Usually only wakes up twice at night and sleeps till 8ish most days. Usually naps between 2-3 hours after lunch(when Kaylin naps) and sometimes takes a cat nap in the ergo or her carseat in the morning or evening.

Mood: Super happy girl. LOVES to smile! She will smile at anyone who smiles or talks to her(unless she's super hungry or sleepy) strangers we see while out and about love it! Haha.

Activities: Loves to play on the floor, she still prefers being on her back but will play on her tummy for 20-30 minutes at times. We put her activity mat away because she was always rolling off it. She loves her bumbo! And now that she is getting stronger she likes to sit up inside the Boppy or in my lap, she still needs the slightest bit of support to sit but not much at all! Doesn't really like her jumper, she will tolerate it, but she definitely doesn't enjoy jumping like Kaylin did!

Clothes: Wearing almost all 9 month now, a few of the larger 6 month things still work but I've put most of the 6 month clothes away because they were summer clothes and not good for December! Still wearing size 2 diapers at night and while out and about and bum genius on the small setting while at home during the day. Thinking she may be close to needing the medium setting.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kennedy 5 Months

Weight: 14.2

Diet: Nurses about every 3 hours during the day.

Sleep: Goes to bed around 8 or 8:30, I put her in Pj's, swaddle her, nurse her and lay her down in the pack n play next to our bed. She usually sleeps until between 4-6am before waking up to eat, then she's usually back asleep till 7:30-8

Mood: Happy baby! Loves to smile at people. She is still a bit of a mama's girl. Really likes to be held especially by me, but she is getting better about playing on the floor.

Activities: Getting much better with tummy time than she used to. She plays on the floor often and rolls all around. Probably will be putting her play mat away soon because she usually doesn't stay on it very long. Sitting in the bumbo every once in awhile. Usually only likes her swing if she's sleepy. Thinking about getting the doorway jumper out for her soon.

Clothes: Wearing mostly 6 month but we have started pulling out some of the smaller 9 month outfits especially as it's gotten colder! Most of her 9 month clothes are warm clothes so it should work out perfect. Moved her up to a size 2 disposable diaper. Still wearing bum genius on the small setting when we're at home during the day.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kennedy 4 Months

Weight: 12.8

Diet: Nurses every 2-3 hours during the day. Usually closer to 3 which makes a world of difference!

Sleep: Goes to bed around 8:30 I swaddle her, nurse her, and lay her down in the pack n play beside our bed. She sleeps 8-10 hours before waking up to eat then goes back to sleep until 7:30 or 8. Usually takes a 30 minute nap in the morning and evening as well as a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon while Kaylin naps

Mood: She's a pretty happy baby! She used to want me to hold her alot, but she is getting better about playing on the floor and letting other people hold her. Loves to smile! Especially if you talk to her. She has chuckled a couple times but no real laughs yet.

Activities: Still doesn't really like tummy time but is getting better, if I lay on the floor next to her she will tolerate it for a little while. She can roll back to front and front to back. Sometimes I leave her on her back and she rolls to her tummy then cries because she doesn't like being on her tummy :)

Clothes: Started wearing 6 month clothes! We have lots of summer 6 month clothes from Kaylin but as it gets colder will probably have to buy her some warmer 6 month clothes! Wearing size 1 diapers at night and when we leave the house, but I probably need to move her to size 2 at least at night because she is leaking some nights. Still wearing her bum genius cloth diapers on the smallest setting when we're home during the day.

Looking at the fan is so funny!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Port Aransas Vacation

Earlier in the summer we decided to take a family vacation to the beach! We went to Port Aransas last year and really enjoyed it so we decided to go back. We invited Annie and Joy to come because we thought it would be fun, but also for help with the girls :)

We left early Thursday morning for Port Aransas, stopped in San Antonio for lunch and got to Port Aransas about 3pm, we tried to check into our room but it wasn't ready yet. So we went to a couple beach shops and bought our beach pass then headed back to check into our room. Once we got to our room we unloaded real quick, changed, and headed to the beach! We set up our tent and chairs and hung out for a few hours, we all switched out being in the water and staying with the girls. Kaylin LOVED the sand toys! She played and played and played! We headed back to our room around 7, cooked supper, ate and all went to bed fairly early. We were all tired from driving and being in the ocean!

Friday we rented a dune buggy and then spent all morning at the beach, then came back to the house for lunch and to let Kaylin nap. After Kaylin woke up we headed back to the beach for a few hours. Annie headed back to the house and grabbed our picnic supper, we ate and hung out a bit longer then headed back to the house to put the girls to bed. Then swam in the pool before heading to bed.

Saturday we got up and headed to the beach again with our picnic lunch. We hung out, ate lunch and packed up our tent and chairs and headed back to the house to put Kaylin down for a nap. Then justin and annie returned the buggy. After Kaylin woke up from her nap we headed to Fin's Restaurant for supper. After supper we still had some time before our boat tour so we went to a couple surf shops, stopped and got coffee, then headed to our boat tour! The boat tour is alot of fun, we get to see: Dolphins, an old lighthouse, and then they drug a shrimp net and put everything in a tank for us to see and touch. We did the tour last year and loved it so much we wanted to do it again this year! The guide is also really funny! We then headed back to the house and packed up a little before going to bed!

Sunday morning we packed up, went to the beach to feed the seagulls(which Kaylin hated! Lol) returned our house keys and headed home! We stopped in San Antonio for lunch, I searched for restaurants in San Antonio that Guy Fieri that been to on Diners Drive In and Dives. We decided on Taco Taco Cafe. We were not very impressed! Maybe we just went on a bad day.
All in all it was an awesome vacation! We had alot of fun with Annie, Joy and our little family! Can't wait until next year!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Kennedy 2 Month

Weight 10.5

Diet: Nurses every 1.5-2.5 hours during the day.

Sleep: Sleeps really well at night, anywhere between 6-9 hours before waking up to eat! Usually goes to bed right after big sister, around 8:30 or 9. I swaddle her, feed her and put her to bed in the bassinet part of the pack n play in our room. Still trying to get on a nap schedule. Right now she takes about 3 1hr naps every day.

Mood: She's a pretty happy baby when fed and not tired. She does like to be held often!

Activities: Still dislikes tummy time. She is getting better especially if I lay on the floor next to her and talk to her or play with her. Loves to lay on her back on her play mat and watch the toys. Usually likes her swing as well!
Clothes: Wearing all 3 month clothes and is finally big enough to wear cloth diapers! Still wearing size one diapers at night or when we leave the house.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Kennedy 1 Month

Weight 9.2 lbs 
Length 22 in

Diet: Nurses every 1.5-2.5 hours during the day. Sometimes 3 if she takes a long nap. And night she goes 3.5-4.5 which is nice for mom!

She was just a few days old here and already sucking on the same two fingers Kaylin sucks on. We'll see if that continues!

Sleep: Not really on a schedule yet.  She takes naps off and on all day. Usually has 2-3 times a day that she is awake between feedings but the rest of the time she naps between feedings. At night I put her to bed between 9-11 just whenever she gets hungry in that range I put her in pajamas, swaddle her, feed her and put her to sleep in the rock n play beside our bed. She sleeps for 3.5-4.5  hours then wakes up to eat.

Mood: She's a pretty easy baby so far. She's usually pretty content unless she's hungry. Every once in awhile she just wants to be held or needs to burp.
First Bath
Activities: She's ok with tummy time for a few minutes but too long and she's not impressed. She likes laying on her back under her playmat and looking at her toys. She also likes her swing and of course being held.

Clothes: Still wearing newborn clothes but they are pretty snug. I put her in a 3 month outfit a few days ago and it was a little big but not bad! We've switched to size 1 diapers. I am excited to start using her new cloth diapers but it will probably be another month or so before she is big enough for them.